「affordance」がSHIFT主催DOTMOV FESTIVAL 2016 優秀作品6作品に選出

affordance」が SHIFというオンラインマガジン主催のDOTMOV FESTIVAL 2016のコンペにて優秀作品6作品のうちに選ばれました!


選出・文:Jiro Ohashi


The title is “affordance”. Wikipedia says “An affordance is the possibility of an action on an object or environment. Psychologist James J. Gibson defined affordances as all action possibilities latent in the environment, independent of an individual’s ability to recognize them. Used ‘Afford’ redirects as meaning ‘to suggest’ or ‘to invite’”. It makes the concept dependent not only on the physical capabilities, but also on their goals, beliefs, and past experiences among the users’ interface for Design.
Including original definition, interpret and misuse, onomatopoiesis is a treasure trove of very fertile imagination, because the meaning is clearly not determined. Took Nove’s work “affordance” visualized it by his own unique interpretation (or the exact opposite). The selection of the word (title), sequence configuration of 18 mins., and the synergistic representation of sound and visual are excellent. Ash Ra Tempel, Klaus Schulz. Kang, Neu!, GURU GURU, and Kraftwerk. Feeding back the change of impression as if compete with consumption of changes in mode (image) such as Krautrock, minimal music and german electronica music while intensely reminding the former German Progressive Rock, it progress indifferently by the strength of the core in the 18 mins. The video work likely appears in my dream.
Selected and commented by Jiro Ohashi
Source SHIFT